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What Stops Gamma Radiation – Gamma Radiation Shielding

10.31.23 | Tuesday | Jordan Houri, BSc, MSc

When discussing radiation, it’s crucial to distinguish between ionizing and non-ionizing forms.
Ionizing radiation, which includes gamma radiation, has the energy to seriously interfere with our DNA, leading to potential health risks like cancer.
With non-ionizing radiation, think cell phone energy and visible light. This radiation doesn’t pose the same threat.

Gamma rays, particularly, are high-energy radiation that can penetrate most materials, putting you at risk in specific environments like nuclear power plants or certain medical settings. In such cases where gamma ray protection is a must.

StemRad offers a game-changing solution. Our innovative protection not only addresses but largely eliminates the issues associated with traditional protective gear.


Radon is another player in the ionizing radiation game. As opposed to externally-penetrating radiation, it is borne by radioactive particles you might inhale.
It’s a gas from the Earth itself—specifically, the breakdown of elements like uranium and thorium in rocks and soil.
Exposure to high levels of radon, say in a poorly ventilated basement, can amp up your risk for lung cancer.

Even everyday activities like chest X-rays or CT scans expose us to externally-penetrating  ionizing radiation, albeit in smaller doses that usually offer more benefit than harm.
Bottom line? It’s time we consider how to protect ourselves, and that’s where StemRad’s innovative product range comes into play.

The Dangers Are Real – Protect Against Gamma Radiation using Gamma Radiation Shielding

radiation statistics

Source: Statista Number of Nuclear Warheads Worldwide


The United States and Russia, for instance, possess significant stockpiles of strategic nuclear warheads. The inherent risk lies in the gamma radiation these warheads create, a form of ionizing radiation potent enough to alter human DNA, cause cancer and even death in a fews weeks.

Gamma radiation at high doses causes death within a few weeks, not just cancer down the road (which results from lower doses). StemRad’s 360 Gamma prevents the quick death while reducing the risk for cancer. (The quick death by radiation is termed “Acute Radiation Syndrome” or ARS).

As we navigate an increasingly complex geopolitical arena, understanding these risks becomes essential. Despite treaties like the New START, progress has been slow and sometimes uncertain.

These challenges highlight the importance of technologies designed to counteract gamma radiation.
Coming up, we’ll delve into how solutions like StemRad’s
gamma radiation shielding product range aim to address the challenges in this dangerous arena.

In a worst-case scenario, imagine what happens if one of these weapons falls into the wrong hands? Or what if there’s a catastrophic failure at a nuclear power plant? The ensuing explosion would unleash lethal gamma radiation, putting countless lives at risk.

Fossil Fuels vs. Nuclear Energy

For people on the front lines, like first responders and military personnel, conventional radiation gear does not work against gamma. Traditional hazmat and CBRN suits  offer some protection from alpha and beta radiation, but fall woefully short regarding gamma radiation.

Imagine a full-body suit that could effectively block gamma radiation; it would weigh nearly half a ton!

That’s where innovative solutions like the 360 Gamma come in. It’s not your typical nuclear suit; it’s a specialized shield that targets the body’s most vulnerable areas, offering concentrated protection against gamma radiation.

It’s an efficient, practical alternative for anyone caught in the path of a nuclear incident. Whether you’re an everyday citizen or a first responder, understanding and investing in this kind of focused protection could be a lifesaving decision. (Source)

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The Quest for Effective Gamma Radiation Protection

gamma radiation penetration chart transparent

Regarding radiation protection, one size doesn’t fit all.
Gamma radiation, unlike its less penetrating cousins alpha and beta radiation, requires substantial, dense shielding for effective blockage. But there’s a catch.

Traditional full-body outfits designed for radiation protection fail when guarding against gamma rays.
The amount of material like lead required to provide full-body gamma radiation shielding would make the suit impossibly heavy. It’s impractical on all levels.

Take the case of emergency responders at Chernobyl. They used suits featuring thin lead sheets that weighed around 26 kilos each. Though heavy, these suits were ineffectual against gamma radiation. The weight was distributed across the entire body, not concentrated on the most vulnerable areas like bone marrow tissue.

The result? Many of these brave souls suffered from acute radiation syndrome, specifically its deadly hematopoietic sub-syndrome, which destroys bone marrow tissue. Not only did these suits fail to protect, but they also restricted movement, making an already hazardous situation even worse.

The StemRad Solution: 360 Gamma

atomic nuclear suit

Filling this glaring gap in the market is StemRad’s 360 Gamma—a focused shielding solution that’s a game-changer in gamma radiation protection.
Unlike traditional full-body suits, 360 Gamma smartly targets the body’s most susceptible areas, offering robust, concentrated protection where it’s needed most.

It’s a practical, effective alternative to traditional radiation suits.
Whether you’re a first responder or a civilian, understanding and investing in StemRad’s focused gamma radiation protection could make all the difference in a nuclear emergency.
From a practical perspective, it works and it doesn’t limit your movement in a catastrophe where rapid action is needed.

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Selective Shielding: A Targeted Approach to Combat Gamma Radiation

radiation cancer

Recall that traditional methods of full-body shielding have proven to be inadequate and impractical. The sheer weight of materials like lead needed to effectively block gamma rays destroy the efficacy of these radiation shields.
StemRad’s 360 Gamma solution takes a more refined approach –
selective shielding.

Selective shielding focuses on protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body. For gamma radiation, that’s primarily the midsection, home to about 60% of your bone marrow.
Medical experts agree bone marrow stem cells are the most sensitive cells in the human body to gamma radiation. Shield these, and you enhance your chances of survival.

The 360 Gamma doesn’t stop at the bone marrow.
It extends its protection to include the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary bladder. For women, there’s an added layer of security—shielding for the ovaries to mitigate the risk of radiation-induced ovarian cancer.

Recent studies from the U.S. Department of Energy underscore the effectiveness of this targeted approach. The data are compelling, demonstrating remarkable survival rates for individuals wearing the StemRad 360 Gamma.

Here’s the takeaway: If you’re a first responder or want to be prepared for a nuclear emergency, the StemRad 360 Gamma offers an elegant and potent shield against gamma radiation. It allows you to move freely, get to safety, and, most importantly, stay shielded from the horrid effects of gamma radiation.

This isn’t just a leap in protective technology—it’s a revolution approaching the gravest of nuclear threats. 

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For Reactor Personnel

Reactor Personnel

StemRad 360 Gamma isn’t just for emergency responders and concerned citizens. It’s also a critical piece of gear for reactor personnel who are at risk of gamma radiation exposure. Being prepared with StemRad 360 Gamma is more than good practice; it’s a lifesaving decision.

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Gamma Radiation FAQs

What is the best protection from gamma radiation?

Dense materials with high atomic numbers, like lead (Pb 82), offer the best protection against ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays.

How does the StemRad 360 Gamma protect against radiation?

StemRad 360 Gamma focuses on selective shielding, primarily protecting the midsection where essential bone marrow is concentrated.

What blocks gamma radiation?

Different forms of lead radiation shielding products (sheets, foils, slabs, bricks, glass, pipes, tubing) effectively block gamma radiation due to the high atomic number and density, making it an ideal component in StemRad’s 360 Gamma.

What blocks gamma rays from space?

Earth’s atmosphere offers natural shielding against cosmic gamma rays. Lead, dense concrete, and other elements can also effectively block these rays.

Why is full-body radiation shielding impractical?

Full-body shielding requires too much material, like lead, making the suit impractically heavy for movement.

What tissues are most sensitive to gamma radiation?

Bone marrow stem cells are highly sensitive to gamma radiation, making them a critical focus for protective measures.

Who benefits most from the StemRad 360 Gamma?

First responders, reactor personnel, and concerned citizens looking for effective, manageable protection against gamma radiation benefit the most.

Is the StemRad 360 Gamma only for nuclear emergencies?

While ideal for nuclear emergencies, the 360 Gamma is also valuable for reactor personnel regularly exposed to radiation.

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